Public Roadmap

Add as many tasks as you need and mark them as 'ongoing' or 'completed'.

Also, you can share your roadmap with your users with just a link and receive task upvotes and suggestions.

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Public Roadmap

Edit your Roadmap

You can add, edit and delete new tasks. Also mark them as 'ongoing' or 'completed'.

Roadmap Dashboard

Add as many tasks as needed

Adding title and description to your tasks. You can edit & delete them whenever you want and it's the same process.

Add Tasks Roadmap


Your users can send you suggestions for your roadmap and even upvote your tasks. This can help you identify what tasks your users really want.

Suggestions Roadmap

Comment on existing tasks

Tasks are open for discussion and your users can comment what they think of the tasks and what you should be aware while developing them.

Comment on roadmap tasks